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Company Policy

Product Warranty

Product Warranty

Only products made and sold by 'ODST Maker Company Limited' and/or authorized distributors will be covered by the product warranty, which must be under regular usage and service circumstances, including material faults and overall production procedures within 12 months of purchase/receipt of merchandise, excluding finishing, paint work, shrinkage, stretching, or cracking by nature of wood.

The warranty will be invalid if the service or product is changed or repaired by a third party or anyone other than the manufacturer or an authorized distributor. This also includes the usage of the product for an improper purpose that does not comply with the company's terms and conditions.

Product Care

Product Care

Avoid placing the product in poorly ventilated, moist, dry, or low/ high-temperature areas. These conditions may be detrimental to natural materials, finishing, paintwork, shrinkage, stretching, or cracking by the nature of wood.

Exposure to sunlight, water, chemicals, and incorrect cleaning may alter the colour of the wood and fade the fabric on the product.

For information on cleaning various textiles, please contact or seek guidance from a specialist cleaning service provider.

When cleaning wood surfaces, use a dry cloth to remove dust. Protect the wood with protective coatings or oils to ensure long-term durability.

Excessive weight and improper usages, such as sitting on a two-legged chair or standing on a table or chair, may cause harm to the product and reduce its service life.

Accidents, improper movement techniques, and improper installation might result in product damage.

Wood is a natural material with a variety of tones and textures.

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