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Our Project Department

The ODST project department serves as the very heart of our brand's inception, embodying our origins with elegance and refinement. Even before our official establishment and the unveiling of our shop front in 2004, Ittipon and his visionary team dedicated their efforts to crafting and delivering exquisite furniture exclusively for esteemed project clients.

Over the course of time, our respected project department has embarked on a plethora of prestigious ventures across diverse sectors. From the spheres of commerce and corporate realms to the areas of property, public infrastructure, and beyond, we have flawlessly executed both modest and large-scale projects. Our creative prowess has adorned the domains of residential spaces, lavish restaurants, delightful cafes, luxurious hotels, and captivating resorts.

With a wealth of experience and honed expertise accumulated through countless collaborations, we now proudly stand as stewards of an unblemished track record. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity of collaborating with you, as we strive to embody the very essence of your project through our curated collections and visionary design concepts. Together, let's embark on a journey that unveils the pinnacle of elegance and aesthetic sophistication.

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