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Our Project Department

The Project Division resides at the heart of ODST, reflecting the brand's foundational elegance and sophistication from its inception. Before the formal unveiling of the brand and the opening of the showroom in 2004, a dedicated team embarked on the journey of creating and delivering bespoke furniture pieces for select project clients.

As time progressed, this distinguished division ventured into numerous prestigious projects across a variety of sectors. With a footprint in commercial and corporate industries, property development, public infrastructure, and beyond, the division has adeptly handled projects of varying scales. From enhancing the ambiance of residential settings, upscale dining establishments, and charming cafes to outfitting luxurious hotels and resorts, the division has consistently demonstrated unparalleled creativity and finesse.

With a wealth of experience and refined expertise gained through extensive collaborations, the division boasts an immaculate track record. Looking forward to new partnerships, there is a steadfast commitment to bringing each project's unique vision to life through carefully curated collections and forward-thinking design concepts. This path forward is one of continued pursuit of excellence in elegance and aesthetic distinction.

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