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Our Story

Crafted for the Finest

In the heart of ODST, we cherish a singular notion - the art of remarkable woodwork is born from the unwavering devotion of a craftsman to their craft. It's more than just knowledge or skill; it's about mastering nuanced techniques, drawing from the depths of vast experience, and infusing every project with an obsessive attention to detail. This artistry breathes life into each piece, transforming it into something impeccably perfect and immeasurably valuable.

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Material Utilisation

At ODST, our craft revolves around a profound respect for the unparalleled. We devote ourselves to the exclusive use of FAS-grade oak, the very epitome of wood quality in the United States. This superior standard, esteemed and established by the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA), is the essence of our every furniture piece. Our customers revel in the charm of these long, straight pieces, bringing not only aesthetic grace but also functionality to high-end furniture, interior joinery, and solid wood mouldings. We believe that the beauty of our creations is firmly rooted in the splendor of its origin - the FAS-grade oak wood.

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Wood Finishing

In our curated selection, we offer a palette of wood finishes, presenting seven exquisite shades for your discerning taste. Alongside this, we house a plethora of upholstery options, each with its own unique charm, extending into the thousands. This ensures a harmonious pairing for your bespoke furniture, enabling you to find the perfect embodiment of your personal style.

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