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CAT Telecom Thailand


National Telecom PCL (Formerly CAT Telecom PCL)


CAT Telecom Public Company Limited is a governmental corporation under the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society. It was formed as a public company after the privatization of the Communications Authority of Thailand's (CAT) telecommunications industry on September 29, 1976.

CAT Telecom is a telecommunications company. CAT formerly supplied extra postal services both locally and abroad by allowing practically all business transfers from the Post and Telegraph Department. However, state businesses were subsequently privatized. As a result, the mail business was split to become Thailand Post Co., Ltd. The telecommunications industry was reorganized as a public limited corporation called CAT Telecom.

CAT Telecom has been in the telecommunications industry for 45 years and so combined with TOT on January 7, 2021 to become National Telecommunications Public Company Limited.


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