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Here's another reason to celebrate! Welcome our new creative partner, K. Vichit Nongnual, from CHIT Studio. He is an award-winning artist, well-known internationally for his progressive, large-scale portraits across various mediums, who now joined us on this incredible journey.


Vichit Nongnual is a renowned Thai artist among collectors, gallery owners, and art fans in Europe, as well as in the United States, a man who is equally adept at both painting and ceramics, where his paintings were recently displayed in New York. Vichit was initially drawn to ceramic methods during his time at Silpakorn University, where he studied for several years. He then began to create magnificent works from his preferred material, clay.

He created his studio in Bangkok, and his ceramics were usually shown annually at the most prominent Art Fairs. Vichit Nongnual is always searching for new inspiration and delights in identifying emerging worldwide Art and Design trends. Vichit's reading and desire to grasp Western cultures lead him to make one-of-a-kind artworks. His sculptures adorn and sold to the most expensive mansions in Bangkok and Phuket.

However, since ceramic works demand so much time and care, Vichit shifted his concentration to exclusively and solely on painting and closed down his ceramic studio years later.


The "Ceramic Memoirs" is an exclusive collection inspired by nostalgia for Vichit's ceramic art, which he worked for 25 years before stopping. The work is Acrylic on canvas utilizing the method of color overlay; the procedure is so particular since it is analogous to making ceramics from a three-dimensional surface but is adapted for a two-dimensional surface.

Visit our Showroom, or, today to explore and perhaps acquire this exceptional artwork from our limited yet exclusive collection.



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